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Privacy Notice

Your Account Privacy

Not only is your personal information privacy important to us, but so is your gaming account information!

Account security is one of the greatest concerns not only for us as a business, but to our customers as well. Thus, we have taken a number of steps to restrict as much access to your personal and gaming information as possible. The primary way we do this is by limiting the number of personnel who can access your information. In addition to limitations, we do not sell, trade, or giveaway your information to anyone. We hold the up most privacy regulations and will only use your information for delivery and our marketing campaigns which you may freely opt in or out of.

Your security remains our greatest concern and always will. We use absolutely secure connections and up to date software as well. We will always be looking at taking further steps as needed to retain our high standard of customer and account security.

Should you have any further questions or concerns in regards to how we keep your information secure, please submit an e-mail through our contact us page.